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Importgogo Introduction

Importgogo is the leading one-stop intelligent import cloud platform in import industry. It is made by importgogo supply chain management Co., LTD, dedicated to solving the pain points in import industry.


Importgogo has grasped the industry development trend accurately. Based on our team’s experience in trade service and supply chain for many years, combined with artificial intelligence technology. Importgogo builds an intelligent supply chain service system which supports the whole import process. The one-click intelligent trusteeship has solved a series of problems such as poor professionalism, low efficiency and opaque price to help importers enhance efficiency.


Importgogo provides one-stop, full link and specialized import service for importers, including customs clearance, warehousing, logistics, operation and supply chain finance which can simplify the complex operation, systematize the simple operation and transparentize the methodical operation to help customers improve the efficiency of supply chain and reduce operating costs.


Importgogo is committed to be the leading one-stop intelligent import cloud platform, dedicated to promoting importers’ business.

Import Experience
Countries and Regions
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Our Advantage
Integrate Supply and Demand Resources

Integrate all the suppliers, select high-quality ones to provide customers one-stop service.

Improve Operating Efficiency

Importgogo uses SOP to standardize the operation, its logical judgment function can reduce error rate. Kinds of file templates can be downloaded in file center to enhance efficiency. Storage management of a bulk of documents makes document query possible which can reduce the error rate of file submission. Query Center provides a full set of order enquiry.

Control Operating Risk

Quotation management: Online consolidated quotation, exceeding part would be audited according to the change of quotation. 

Advance warning: Important message will pop-up in kanban to get multi-latitude control of contract, billing release and repayment. Control business risk with notification system.

Reduce Enterprise Cost

Improve human efficiency, reduce operating costs. Online file archive to save resources. Managers can realize on-line performance evaluation in report center to reduce management costs.